Hello Pizza Crust!

crustWe really, really love pizza. Many years ago I gave my husband a baking stone, mostly so he could make his signature pizza crust and bread sticks. Eating the low carb way, our baking stone hasn’t seen much action lately. None of the recipes I saw for low carb pizza crust really appealed to me until I found one last week. I actually used the modifications that this blogger made-only she made crackers with it. Anyway it lowered the carb count. The original recipe had enough arrowroot powder to raise the carbs significantly. I’ve made pizza crust, crackers and cookies with the same base recipe.  For the pizza crust I followed the  cracker recipe exactly as written in Buttoni’s blog, parbaked it for 20-22 minutes, then added toppings and baked it for another 15 minutes. When I wanted crackers to go with sweet spreads I left the pepper and onion powder out. When I made cookies I again left out the pepper and onion powder, reduced the salt by half and used butter instead of olive oil. I added a few drops of EZ Sweetz, but I should have added more as the dough was not sweet enough. I compensated by sprinkling the tops with erythritol before baking them. Next time I make cookies this way I will add the equivalent of 1/4 to 1/2 cup sweetener to the dough and continue to sprinkle the tops.   You can leave the parmesan cheese out if want to have a vegan recipe.

Everyone enjoyed the pizza, crackers and cookies. I already have pizza on the menu again. It was difficult to roll the dough as thinly and as evenly as called for. The dough was a little crisper on the outside edges and a little thicker in the middle, but no one cared. I wanted my cookies to be pretty so cut them out in circles and  carefully transferred them to parchment paper instead of leaving the dough whole and scoring it as for the crackers. The dough was sturdy enough to handle the manuevering. Keep in mind that they were small cookies. Cutting them out in larger or more complicated shapes may not work (like a star).

This is also much faster than making rising yeast based pizza dough. 5-10 minutes to make and roll out plus the cooking time.



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  1. I’m glad you’re liking this dough mixture, Denise! I had thought about trying it next time as a pizza crust and for a cinnamon, sweet crisp wafer as well! I was just so blown away at how good the cracker application came out. I’ve made the crackers 4-5 times now and they really stay crisp over time, unlike many low-carb crackers. :)

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