Surviving Breakfast

On weekdays my alarm goes off at 5:20. That’s so I can push snooze once and get up at 5:30. When I do get up at 5:30 or 5:40-or even 5:50 (snooze buttons are a weakness for me) I exercise, study the scriptures and write in my journal before I start breakfast. I’ve found these are three things I need to do first thing or my day won’t go as well. That doesn’t leave me a lot of time to consider breakfast. Now that I have some fast and delicious breakfast recipes under my belt, I have a set weekly breakfast menu. It makes life easier. So, in case you could use a little breakfast help, here’s our weekday breakfast menu, with links to recipes. Keep in mind that we usually have bacon, sausage, homemade yogurt or berries with these main dishes.

french toastMonday: French Toast–I’m so glad we can have guilt free french toast again. It’s a snap to make.

Tuesday: Waffles–Now I like these better than regular waffles. I always make extra and freeze the leftovers. Toast them lightly to reheat. I like these better than the previous waffle recipe I posted, which was not gluten free. Lately we have been getting eggs straight from a farm, and what a difference they make! I especially notice the flavor and rise they add to this recipe.

Wednesday: Pumpkin Cereal or Chia Custard.

Thursday: Muffins–there are a lot of low carb options here. We like Chocolate Chip Sour Cream,  Blueberry, and Lemon Ricotta Muffins (actually mini bundt cakes in the recipe, but I make them in muffin pans). I love silicon muffin pans. I don’t have to use paper liners because the low carb muffins slide right out.

english muffinsFriday: Egg McMuffins–bacon and eggs, of course, but the secret is this low carb English Muffin.

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